These days… the pressure’s on, so I was glad to contribute to Popsugar’s article on burnout, which is also accessible at the bottom of my newsletter.

Burnout is a stress-induced, generalized fatigue that weakens your vitality and physical and mental health, due to unsustainably fueling your life with adrenaline, pumped by the constant threat of not being able to keep up with life’s expectations and demands. In addition, it’s likely your core negative belief is enflaming the situation. My book, also in audio,¬†The Final 8th: Enlist Your Inner Selves To Accomplish Your Goals¬†explores this in depth. Adding to the mix is the fact that FOMO is back, COVID hasn’t left, and there’s so much in the world that needs to be done.

Try this: don’t just do something… sit there!!

(That’s not the usual advice, is it?)

As a former performer, Voice Dialogue Facilitator/Trainer and participant in transformational nature-based ceremonies, a large part of my adult learning and teaching has been sitting in circles, often outside in nature. Unlike traditional classroom learning and lecture halls, we start by closing our eyes to actively slow down and deliberately unhook from our thoughts by turning our attention inward and attuning to our bodies, as non-judgmentally as possible in that moment.

That’s unplugging.

(I know, I know, from the point of view of your Type A subpersonality, “Why would that not be an utter waste of time?!?!”) Here’s why.

Did you, or someone you know, have a muscle ache, head ache, or hangover lately – all potentially symptoms reflecting burnout? Unplugging is disconnecting from frenzied thoughts and worries wreaking havoc on your body. It’s a potent remedy for rejuvenating, refreshing and recalibrating and has many benefits including making us more productive and efficient in the long run, which should please your Type A Alter Egos… and for other of your Inner Selves, unplugging regularly leads to having more fun and feeling more fulfilled.

Here’s my recipe for unplugging, which is in the mindfulness family.

  • Sit, or yes, even lie down somewhere comfortable.
  • Close your eyes.
  • As you take a long exhale, and gently release as much air as you can, choose an area of your body (the bottom of your belly, or your rib cage, or your nostrils, whatever strikes your fancy) that will be the physical, singular spot that is your focus you return to throughout this unplugging exercise.
  • When you are out of air, pause for a few seconds and then Inhale naturally (which means allow your body to take in air however it wants to in that moment.)
  • Do this style of exhale/inhale five times and luxuriate in your more relaxed state.

TIP: Anytime your mind flees, fixates or fears, bring your focus back to that part of your body you’ve chosen to return to. Feel it’s physicality (aka – unplugging is not a brain thing, it’s a body thing.)

Join me live this week, on IG at Final8th@8 which is THIS Wednesday, June 8@8PM (ET.) We’ll dig into how your personal constellation of inner selves may unconsciously be putting you at risk for burnout.

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